Antimicrobial Non-Woven and Resin Materials brought to You by Acteev

Permanent antimicrobial technology designed for use in any industry

Bring an Added Layer of Protection to
Your Products

Acteev has found a revolutionary way to infuse raw nylon 6,6 resin with microbe-fighting zinc ion technology, allowing for brands to bring a new layer of protection to their high-use non-woven and engineering plastic items. Our process of embedding this technology provides products with long-lasting, durable protection that doesn’t wear or flake off over time like silver coatings.

Acteev Uses

Healthcare & PPE

Providing greater protection for patients and healthcare workers with medical grade, antimicrobial solutions.

Engineering Plastics

Polyamides for hard applications that stay clean with superior durability.

Oral Care

Trusted protection for the items you trust to keep you safe and clean.

Elevate your product.

Bring the next level of protective technology to your consumers.

Good for You. Good for the Planet.

Because our zinc ions are embedded instead of added, textiles made with Acteev are produced more sustainably and with less water. Unlike some heavy metals used in finishes, zinc is an essential mineral — and the active ingredient in Acteev is recognized by the FDA as Generally Regarded as Safe.

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A long history of being the top producer of nylon 6,6 means Acteev is a brand you can trust.