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Protecting the items professionals trust to protect the most vulnerable.

Reducing risk for patients

Each year, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care-acquired infections, leading to significant morbidity and financial loss. Now more than ever, we all want to stay protected.

Backed by consumer research

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Where innovation meets dependability

At its core, Acteev incorporates the antimicrobial benefits of active zinc ions straight into superior polyamide, a material of choice in high-stakes applications: sutures, wound care, face masks and medical packaging and devices

Superior antimicrobial tech

Shows high efficacy in reducing the growth of microbes that can cause a product to degrade.

Long lasting functionality

Unlike topical finishes or coatings, the zinc ions do not wash away or flake off.

Gentle for patients

Our fabric is soft to the touch and provides gentle protection for those with even the most sensitive skin. And the active ingredient appears is Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA.

Readily available in the forms you need

Whether you need staple, yarn, fabric, nonwovens, films or engineered plastics, we have all available for your needs.

Protection meant to last

Unlike other antimicrobial treatments, Acteev’s zinc ions are embedded into the product instead of coated on. Even after 100 washes, it’s still as effective as day one.

Supported by top researchers

Our medical advisory board brings together internationally recognized experts in the fields of PPE evaluation, viral pathology, epidemiology and infectious diseases. The board provides scientific review and advice on end applications of Acteev technology.

Backed by science:

  1. Zinc-Embedded Polyamide Fabrics Inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A Virus; Vikram Gopal, Benjamin E. Nilsson-Payant, Hollie French, Jurre Y. Siegers, Wai-shing Yung, Matthew Hardwick, and Aartjan J. W. te Velthuis; ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2021, 13, 26, 30317–30325

See it in action

Making your innovations their most effective

Acteev is the answer to a world demanding products that are clean, safe and durable. We work with customers to drive innovation, from trusted consumer applications to new healthcare technologies. Acteev provides antimicrobial protection with enhanced performance to virtually any application:

  • Patient support and transport
  • Wound care — dressings, compression, pads
  • Sutures
  • High-touch surfaces
  • Scrubs
  • Face masks
  • Oral Care and toothbrushes

Our partners in healthcare products

Purchase innovative healthcare products with Acteev technology from one of our outstanding partners.
Blended Huemanity
Ionic Fabric

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