The Applications

Innovating How You Think About Protective Materials

By manufacturing nylon 6,6 resin with zinc ions, Acteev is changing the way companies and consumers think about their everyday items. From filtration to healthcare applications to household items like your toothbrush, Acteev’s technology can be used across any industry to help create cleaner, microbe free products.

Protection for Every Industry

Polyamides for hard applications that stay clean with superior durability.

Keep air fresher by keeping out what you don’t want.

Providing greater protection for patients and healthcare workers with medical grade, antimicrobial solutions.

Protection designed for your most protected.

Trusted protection for the items you trust to keep you safe and clean.

Textile & Fabric Applications

Looking for how Acteev technology is providing revolutionary solutions to textile applications? Acteev provides raw fabric materials or partners with our signature fabric mills to create any application you may need.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Consumers

Start seeing how Acteev can transform your products and provide an added elemental safeguard for your consumers.