Engineering Materials

Make cleaning easy for your heavy-traffic hard surfaces with long-lasting zinc-based protection.

Heavy-duty Protection for High Traffic Surfaces

Superior design and embedded zinc ion technology allows for enhanced polyamide performance while providing you with the freedom and peace of mind that comes with Acteev.
  • Free from Odor
  • Free from Silver
  • Free from Pilling
  • Free from Sweat

Incorporating New Technology into Tried and True Polyamides

At its core, Acteev incorporates the antimicrobial benefits of zinc ions straight into its specialty polyamides and PA66.

Keeps Surfaces Clean

Less worry about what’s sticking around on everyday items.

Increased Durability

Longer-lasting plastics means your products are built to withstand heavy use.

Heat & Chemical Resistant

Protection from warping keeps products lasting longer.

Protection Meant to Last

Unlike silver antimicrobial technology, Acteev’s zinc ions are embedded into the product instead of coated on. Not only is this production more sustainable and safe for consumers, but it’s built to last.

Get Acteev for Hard Surfaces

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