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Acteev Launches Revolutionary Antimicrobial Technology for Healthcare Applications

Award-winning Acteev combines the antimicrobial protection of zinc with superior polyamide in newly launched Acteev MED.

Acteev has launched Acteev MED, a revolutionary antimicrobial zinc technology that provides enhanced protection and improved performance in healthcare applications. This first-of-its-kind solution provides enhanced performance and superior protection to virtually any application in the healthcare industry.

“Each year, hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care-acquired infections, leading to significant morbidity and financial loss,” said Cristina M. Acevedo, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Acteev MED. “Our solution protects medical devices from the growth of damaging bacteria and microbes.”

Acteev MED offers antimicrobial protection for high-touch surfaces, patient support and transport equipment, wound care dressings, sutures, scrubs, face masks, compression garments and more. The solution is available in many forms, from yarn to nonwovens to engineered plastics.

Other antimicrobial solutions on the market rely on chemical coatings or sprays that can wear off over time or an abrasive yarn that creates inefficiencies during  the manufacturing process. Instead, Acteev incorporates zinc ions directly into superior polyamide, a material of choice in high-stakes, health applications. Because it’s embedded into the matrix of the polymer, the protection is permanent and more environmentally sustainable.

Supported by top researchers, the Acteev Medical Advisory Board brings together internationally recognized experts in the fields of viral pathology, epidemiology and infectious diseases. The board provides ongoing scientific review and advice on Acteev applications.

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