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The Evolution of Protection

The Evolution of Protection

The evolution of nature has been taking place for millions of years. Just like plants and animals, humans have constantly been evolving to survive. We are always finding new ways to protect ourselves and adapt to our surroundings. Protection is vital —from protecting yourself and your belongings to the environment where you live, every creature seeks protection in some way.

Nature’s Defense

In the ever-changing environment, nature’s creatures are always adapting to protect themselves. Armadillos have protective shells to stay safe, and porcupines are able to survive with their built-in sharp quills. 

Humans also require protection for survival. We not only seek protection for ourselves, but also look to protect essentials like our homes, technology and vehicles. Most importantly, our bodies need protection — which is why we wear clothing. Clothing protects against weather like snow and rain, keeping our bodies dry and warm. Hats and pants shield our skin from harmful wavelengths of sunlight. Clothes can even protect against communicable diseases humans typically spread amongst each other.

Additionally, clothes fulfill a number of needs for human beings, depending on the circumstances. Whether you are working out at the gym or going to work in the office, your clothes will protect you and provide the support for what you need to accomplish. From snow to shine, clothes keep you protected at any time.

How Acteev Protects

The next step in the evolution of protection from nature and other harmful microbes is Acteev. This breakthrough technology harnesses the power of natural zinc ions to protect your favorite essentials. It incorporates the zinc ions directly into fabrics, fibers and hard surfaces. Active zinc ions are embedded into the polymer matrix of nylon 6,6, which creates a layer of protection that is permanently built into the product. Thanks to this technology, Acteev offers widespread protection, including:

  • Bacteria Protection: Manganese is a mineral that is very essential to the survival of bacteria, but Acteev’s active zinc ions block the cellular pathways that process manganese. This is especially helpful when protecting products in the hygiene and healthcare industries.
  • Odor Protection: From clothing to diapers and menstrual health, Acteev’s embedded technology has minimal risk of shedding, providing odor-protection for the product’s entire lifespan.
  • Mildew Protection: Active zinc ions are naturally antimicrobial, which stops the agents that cause products like toothbrushes and textiles to degrade.

Our clothes and skin carry a lot of bacteria on them, which Acteev also protects against. Acteev’s zinc ions work by entering the cell walls of the bacteria. When the zinc ions enter the bacteria, they block the bacteria from being able to absorb other vital nutrients, thus stopping the bacteria and fungi that typically cause products to degrade, grow mildew, and take on odors. The nylon 6,6 fabric provides protection over the product, similar to how shells provide protection for turtles. Combined with natural zinc ions, it provides a powerful protective and antimicrobial product for all of your essentials!

Evolution at Work

Just like animals and plants, it’s important that we stay protected for whatever comes our way. Your everyday essentials deserve permanent durability and protection from harmful microbes. Acteev’s powerful technology can provide this protection to a number of products like oral care, clothing, air filtration, diapers and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating more antimicrobial products. See what you can protect with Acteev!


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