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Acteev’s fiber director to deliver 13th World Filtration Congress keynote address

In his talk “Filtration Media Functionalized with Zinc Oxide,” the fibers technology director for Acteev’s parent company, Ascend Performance Materials, Kevin Urman, Ph.D., will discuss how filtration media that is antimicrobial can protect the filter from degrading bacteria and maintain proper filter function.

“Cleaner filters mean cleaner air, and functionalized filtration media that inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes can help keep a filter fresh, Dr. Urman said. “Our research shows that zinc can provide that functionalization.”

Consumers want clean air, but many are unfamiliar with standard industry terminology, according to research Dr. Urman will present. “Filter buyers want facts, not jargon,” Dr. Urman said. “They rely on manufacturers and other professionals to present clear choices so they can make informed decisions.”

Acteev’s award-winning patented technology embeds zinc ions into a premium nylon polymer to create long-lasting antimicrobial properties. Yarns, fabrics and nonwovens made of Acteev are abrasion-resistant and durable. Plus, unlike chemical applications that are coated or sprayed on, Acteev does not rely on any post-production treatment or after-market process. Instead, Acteev’s zinc ions are embedded directly into the matrix of the molecule, providing protection throughout the life of the product.

The 13th World Filtration Congress is a forum for scientists, engineers and professionals to share the latest advances and technologies in filtration and separation.

Dr. Urman, known for bringing a customer-focused approach to innovation, joined Acteev in 2021. He holds degrees in materials science and engineering from Pennsylvania State University and polymer science and engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi as well as an MBA from the University of South Carolina.

Conferencegoers can meet Dr. Urman at Saturday, October 8 at 3:22 pm or Sunday, October 9. Other members of the team will be discussing Acteev technology at the Expo in booth 610.

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